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PBM Software

State of the art, secure, efficient, and EDI centric. Our proprietary web application makes managing claims a breeze.

Broad PBM Network

Wide network coverage, optimizing in network utilization.

White Labeling

Need a PBM software branded to your company? Look no further, we offer a full range of white label services, and custom development packages.

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Broad Networks, New Technology, and Experience

Rebate Aggregation Services

We know how much rebates can make or break your cost containment. Let us help you with rebate aggregation.

PPO and Bill Review

Customized Medical Bill Review service for the workers' compensation and auto insurance markets. Proprietary Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks to ensure the highest level of medical care in a cost efficient manner.

Need DME or Ancillary Services?

Did we mention we also provide top shelf DME and ancillary services in house? Head on over to our sister site CompDME to learn more! 

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